Burleson Heating and Air Updates for Spring

Burleson Heating and Air Updates for Spring

It’s warming up in Burleson. Heating and air control units that work correctly are essential during season changes. You might need your heat in the morning and your AC by mid-afternoon. Can you easily adjust your climate control unit to your temperature preferences? 

Now is a great time to have your HVAC system serviced to prepare for the warm weather that isn’t as far off as you think. It might not be time to replace your entire system, but the first step this spring to raise your system’s efficiency is to upgrade your climate control unit. New technology can help you avoid major issues caused when your system undergoes more stress during the summer months.

Technology upgrades make climate control convenient

The use of Smart home systems and thermostats continues to rise in popularity. One of the most appealing features is the ability to control your home’s temperature from anywhere. 

The Smart iHarmony zoning system is available now in Burleson. Heating and air wireless access controls are at your fingertips anywhere at any time with your cell phone. Another benefit of Smart systems is their zoning capabilities. The iHarmony system allows four separate zones so your family can customize their space without changing the settings of the entire home. 

Are you planning a trip during spring break or over the summer? Many turn the temperature up while absent to save on energy costs. The downside of this practice is you come home from your trip tired and hot, then remain hot because your AC is still on vacation. By upgrading your system, you can remotely turn on your air and return home to the cool temperature you prefer. 

In addition to having the tools to control your temperature remotely, upgrading your climate control unit has other benefits that save you money.

Potential savings associated with updating your climate control unit

Upgrading your climate control unit helps you better control and customize your home’s temperature. Other benefits you might not be aware of are attached to your wallet. The most apparent savings come from reduced energy costs. Your upgrade decisions may qualify you for a home insurance rate reduction. Investing in a control unit upgrade can also increase the value of your home. 

If you’re unsure about which upgrades will maximize your savings while keeping you and your family comfortable, it’s time to speak with a heating and air expert at Southern Air. 

Burleson heating and air options are available now! 

Southern Air has many options to meet all your heating and air conditioning needs. Contact us  to speak with an industry expert about upgrading your climate control units or any other HVAC needs. We have the comfort control options to help you stay comfortable while saving money. 


Norman O.Cleburne, TX

I am extremely happy with the service I received from Southern Air. I loved their price and I really appreciated that they came when they said they would, I did the job precisely the way we discussed that it would be done.

Martha D.Fort Worth, TX

They were on time, delivered what was promised and my attic/house ended up cleaner that before they got there. They even took time to train me on the new electronic thermostat and provided a full year of service with my new system. I've recommended them to my neighbors who are going have them fix some shoddy installation on their system.

NeighborFort Worth, TX

High Standards, efficient, Good Price - Did everything exactly as quoted - no surprises.

Thada P.Crowley, TX

The salesman was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I received three different bids the difference between Southern Mechanical and the others was Overall Value and the best price. I even ended up replacing all my sheet metal old ductwork with new R-6 flex. You just can't beat caring attitude of the installers, office staff and my sales guy Jamie Wallace.

Patrick F.Milsap, TX

It was very professional.

Weldon H.Burleson, TX

Very satisfied with the equipment and speed of installation. They did a great job!

Ray D.Weatherford, TX

"Jamie came out to give an estimate, He was on time, professional and thorough. He was the first estimate I received and the best value after all estimates were evaluated. Hired Southern Air on Saturday and it was installed the following Tuesday. Installation crew was on time, quick and courteous. The job, estimate, install and outcome were all A++. Thanks Jamie and Wade."

Dalton T.Burleson, TX

They were great and may me feel comfortable. The same day I gave them the job, they install it that afternoon.

Dale J.Joshua, TX

They did a very good job. Showed up on time . Very reasonable. Some minor detail problems.

NeighborDallas, TX

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