Energy efficient AC units

5 Ways to Benefit from Energy Efficient AC Units

Did you know almost half of your energy expenses come from heating and cooling your home? Air conditioners are one of the biggest energy consumers in the country and make up nearly half of your energy expenses. Investing in energy efficient AC units may be your best choice to lower costs while staying cool this summer.

Following are five ways you will benefit from upgrading to a more energy efficient HVAC system.

1. Lower energy bills

The number one reason many choose to upgrade their HVAC systems is lowering energy costs. After the initial investment of upgrading your system, you will steadily watch your energy bills go down.

2. Reduced carbon footprint

In addition to lowering costs, there is growing concern about environmental impact and creating more sustainable lifestyles. You can reduce your use of fossil fuels by adjusting the temperature in your home. Adjusting your thermostat by just a few degrees in either direction will significantly impact the amount of energy you use. A temperature change can also affect your comfort. Choosing energy efficient AC units means lowering the amount of fossil fuels you use while keeping your home at the most comfortable temperature for you and your family.

3. Save on maintenance and repairs

New systems are easy to maintain and require fewer service visits. They don’t experience near the amount of stress put on traditional HVAC systems. Less stress means a lower probability of system issues.

4 Accurate climate control

Another benefit to energy efficient AC units is the ability to program smart thermostats. Don’t waste energy cooling the areas of your home you don’t use. You can program your thermostat to raise the temperature while you are away, then return to your preferred settings before you get home.

New systems also allow for HVAC zoning. Zoning allows you to divert energy away from spaces you don’t use or create custom temperature levels among different rooms in your home. Say goodbye to that one super hot or super cold bedroom and hello to more even and affordable comfort.

5. Quiet equipment

More efficient systems are specifically designed for reduced noise paired with optimal function. Many of our customers don’t even notice when their system is running. There are many equipment options to consider when upgrading your HVAC system, and almost every option available is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Want to know more about what increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system can do for you? If so, it’s time to speak with the experts at Southern Air.

Energy efficient AC units from Southern Air

At Southern Air Mechanical, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about all current energy efficiency standards and the products to help you reduce energy use without sacrificing comfort. If you’ve spoken with another heating and cooling company, we’ll give you a free second opinion on service or equipment replacement.

We are available to assess your current HVAC system and make suggestions to help it perform optimally. If it’s time to upgrade, we recommend energy efficient AC units that meet your climate control needs. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.


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