Harmony III™ Zoning System

Working with your heating and cooling system, the Harmony III™ system brings balance to your home environment. By directing airflow only to desired areas (up to four zones), it gives you ultimate comfort and control.

Here are some of the top features of Harmony III:

Excellent energy efficiency can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs when combined with Lennox’ variable speed heating and cooling equipment.

Four-area zoning helps eliminate hot and cold spots.

Easy integration with standard heating and cooling systems to provide precise comfort throughout the home, throughout the year.

  • Can regulate temperature to as little as one degree of the thermostat setting, when paired with advanced heating and cooling systems from Lennox
  • Divides your home in to as many as four areas, giving you more options for cooling your family’s comfort
  • Zoning can mean energy savings of up to 35% when used with a programmable thermostat
  • Delivers its best performance when combined with advanced Lennox equipment, but it can work with most any home comfort system